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'Sorry, Blair is busy right now. Please leave a message for me okay~
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Name: Blair
Species: Monster cat
Canon point: After Chapter 81 - 'Salvage 10'
Arrival: July 31st

Housing: UF Lounge + Living Space - Nova City - Room 108 with Namur
Job: n/a
*Blue pendant


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Backtagging: Yes.
Threadhopping: Yes.
Fourthwalling: ...Unless I gave permission on your page.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): It's kinda hard to offend Blair.


Hugging this character: Yes.
Kissing this character: Yes.
Flirting with this character: Yep!
Fighting with this character: Sure.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Plot first.
Killing this character: Plot first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: ...Unless I gave permission on your page.


Blair is a flirt and she's a cat. You have been warned.

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Name: Blair
Fandom: Soul Eater
Gender: Female
Age: Appears over 18
Species: Monster cat
Appearance: Human Another Human | Cat
Hair/fur: Purple
Eyes: Yellow


Once upon a time, two young kids ventured out to find a witch to take her soul. Those two kids found Blair. For days, these kids tried their hardest to get her soul and failed every time. On the third day, the fight heats up. In the end, the kids successfully got her soul and consumed it. Didn't realize later it was a soul of a cat and not a witch. They failed their mission and resumed it again. As for Blair, she followed them and lived with the kids as their pet.


Blair has some traits of a human, but she's more of a cat. She's care free, playful, a flirt, and fun loving. Clothes aren't a big deal for her, she has no shame in being naked. She likes to have some fun, harmless or not. Like toying with enemies. She also uses both of her forms to get some free stuff, such as fish. Blair likes to act 'cute' and seductive, especially towards Soul. She usually works at the Chupa♡Cabra's for some money and fun.

This cat maybe fun loving, but she has another side to her feline. Blair has shown to be territorial, mainly towards the witch mice family. When a cat's worst enemy comes with a sexy body, it's on. Blair did had a cat fight with the Witch Mizune family when they attacked the city. It was mostly groping and tossing insults to one another. If it's a mouth and has the body, it's time to toss her out of the line up.

Just like a cat, she is always curious. If anything catches Blair's attention, she wouldn't wait to ask. Boredom is her poison. When Blair's bored, she'll find something to do. In most cases find someone to play with her or check up on everyone she knows.

Even though Blair is a fun loving cat, she is good at understanding people's feelings. She likes to help people, such as she did with Spirit when he explained his story to her. Blair loves hanging out with Maka and Soul, even after their first fight. Blair is like a pet cat and is often there to comfort Maka. As a cat, Blair has hung out with Maka; from Maka's lap to the top of her head. Even though Blair loves to tease Soul, she does worry for the both of them. Blair even commented to Maka during one of their fights, hinting to her what she just did was a bad idea. It was a fight between Maka and Soul, and Maka's turn to cook that evening. Instead of cooking for both of them, Maka cooked only for herself, and gave Soul only a stick of celery. Blair had no idea what the fight was about, but she commented to Maka that it was immature, even for her. She doesn't like to see either of them sad.

Blair often goes on missions with Maka and Soul to lend a hand. Blair's style of fighting is more playfulness. She will pluck something off the person's hand, like being a meaningless distraction in some way. During her first mission with them to Russia, Blair joined in and stole the Clown's hat that was causing problems. All she knew was that the hat was important to him, and it became a game of 'Keep Away'. Blair returns again for another round in the Book of Eibon. When she was transformed into a male, she used her new 'hot guy' appeal to do what she does best; seduce. She charms the boss, Lust, in the Lust Chapter to help the team move forward.

Even though she is confident and care free, Blair has slipped once or twice against the enemy. Because she is referred as 'Bu-tan', she has more than one life to spare. Blair can make her care free habit go bad. Against the clown, she has slipped into a machine and used a life to come back. Another time during the fight with Noah she was about to get hit. Luckily Maka came to save the day.

Physical: Blair's strength lies mostly on her magic and sex appeal. If she can be mistaken for a witch, then this cat's magic isn't something to reckoned with. As a cat, Blair carries nines souls (hence pun for the nine lives). If she was in any mortal danger, she would use a soul and live to tell another day. Because she is a cat with more than one life, Blair strategies her opponents to get the win. Her magic isn't strong as most people think. She will use cunning, playful, and sometimes sex appeals to throw her opponents off for a quick KO.

Mental: Her sex appeal will drop any guy to the floor. Along with her fun and loving attitude, she likes to have a good time. If she's lucky, she'll probably get something in the end. Blair has no shame what she wears even if it looks too revealing. If it's cute, it stays on. Even though Blair is cat, she works hard too for her earned cash.

Emotional: Blair's positive personality brightens up the mood even at home or at her part-time job at the Chupa♡Cabra. Blair likes to help out anyway she can and will encourage all in any way to help their needs. At work she talks a lot with Deathscythe when discussing about his daughter Maka. Blair's socializing also helps her find good qualities in people.

Physical: Even though Blair carries more than one life, it's also her downfall. 'Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.' When all her lives are up, that's it. Blair is careful but she's still a care free feline when fighting someone. She treats it all a game and will prolong it to entertain herself. That was her mistake when Maka challenged her and got sliced before she knew it.

Mental: One of her biggest traits. Since she is originally a cat, being naked is natural to her. At home, Blair does it a lot mostly to tease her male roommate, Soul. Blair has no shame exposing her body to kids or the public.

Never, ever lend Blair money to do your a favor. Blair maybe do well at the tempting, but not when it's money. Blair will accidentally spend it on herself and realize her flaw towards the end. At least she tries making it up by giving what she bought for herself as a gift.

Emotional: Even though Blair is good looking for positive traits in people, she doesn't try looking for the bad ones. At her job, she befriended two girls who are really witches. They kept it a secret for a while until they were exposed. Even knowing the truth, Blair still hung out with them. Maka even came to the club and told her to stay away. Blair didn't understand why it was a bad thing.


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